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Sip, Savour, Celebrate: The Margaritas, Tequila, and Mezcal Wonderland that is La Farmacia

When it comes to raising a glass to good times, few things can compare to the artistry and diversity of margaritas, tequila, and mezcal. And if you're in search of an expansive selection that caters to every palate and preference, look no further than La Farmacia. Nestled in the heart of Stanley Street, Sydney, this vibrant taqueria boasts an extensive range of libations that'll make your spirits soar.

Let's start with margaritas. La Farmacia takes this classic cocktail to new heights, offering a staggering 20+ varieties to choose from. Whether you prefer your margaritas sweet, tangy, spicy, or something entirely unique, their bartenders are ready to craft the perfect concoction just for you.

What sets La Farmacia apart is their dedication to customisation. Any margarita on their menu can be transformed to suit your specific taste. Craving a bit of heat? They'll add that spicy kick you're after. Want to experiment with a different base spirit? Just ask, and they'll make the switch. With La Farmacia, your margarita journey is as limitless as your imagination.

But the margaritas are only the beginning. La Farmacia houses an impressive selection of over 30 rare tequilas and mezcals, each with its own story and flavour profile. From the highlands of Jalisco to the heart of Oaxaca, they've scoured all corners of Mexico to bring you an authentic taste of this beloved spirit.

La Farmacia’s house mezcal, Casa Los Agaves Orange Label, is what I like to describe as a “gateway mezcal”. It’s complex without being overpowering or too smokey, something that often deters those looking to dabble in agave spirits. Its mandarin, chocolate and jalapeno tasting notes make it perfect for pairing with Mexican food. Casa Los Agaves is an ‘ensamble’ meaning it’s a blend of agaves from the heartland of mezcal Santiago Matatlán. 90% Cupreata and 10% Espadin, cooked in pits, crushed the traditional way on a stone wheel and distilled in copper, in very small batches. They also stock Los Agaves Green and Blue Labels, both of which come in at a higher price point but are just as, if not more delicious. I highly recommend you taste these on their own or try one in your next margarita.

Among their treasures is Tio Pesca Tobala, a tequila so exclusive that only 30 bottles were produced due to the rarity of the agave strain used. It's a testament to the lengths La Farmacia goes to in order to provide you with unique and exceptional options.

For those seeking to celebrate a special occasion, La Farmacia stocks the El Jolgorio or "celebration" mezcals. These are perfect for raising a toast to birthdays, anniversaries, or any milestone that calls for a memorable libation.

And for the aficionados or the simply curious, there's the Seleccion Suprema by Herradura, a tequila that's often referred to as liquid gold. At just $40 a shot, it's an unexpectedly affordable indulgence for a spirit of such exceptional quality.

Whether you're a margarita enthusiast, a tequila connoisseur, or a mezcal explorer, La Farmacia invites you to embark on a flavour-filled journey through Mexico's finest. Their dedication to crafting the perfect libation and their commitment to customisation ensure that every visit is a unique experience tailored to your taste.

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