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Non-Alcoholic Options at La Farmacia!

At La Farmacia, the commitment to exceptional experiences extends to every corner of the menu, including the realm of non-alcoholic options. Recognizing the diverse preferences of their patrons, La Farmacia proudly presents a selection of non-alcoholic beverages that are more than just alternatives - they are a celebration of flavour, crafted with the same attention to detail that defines their renowned cocktails.

La Farmacia takes the art of crafting mocktails to new heights with Seedlip, a non-alcoholic spirit that redefines the possibilities of non-alc options. Using Seedlip, the bartenders at La Farmacia can recreate any margarita from their extensive list, ensuring that non-drinkers have access to a flavorful experience that mirrors the complexity and depth of a classic cocktail. From spicy “margs” to fruity mocktails, each Seedlip-based drink is the perfect way to enjoy La Farmacia’s offering without the hangover. 

La Farmacia also has an extensive soft drink selection, curating a range of options that elevate the non-alcoholic beverage experience. For those opting for a booze-free brunch experience, La Farmacia offers a tailored solution. Customers can dive into the Bottomless Brunch package without the need for alcohol and enjoy the three-course set menu for just $60. This option means that everyone can come along and enjoy the Brunch experience. Just let your server know on the day and the team will be more than happy to accommodate! 

La Farmacia's commitment to creating an inclusive environment shines through in their approach to non-alcoholic offerings. It's not just about providing alternatives; it's about ensuring that every guest, regardless of their drink preferences, feels welcomed and catered to. The menu reflects a dedication to diversity, allowing La Farmacia to be a space where everyone can find a drink that suits their taste and preferences.

Whether you're in the mood for a Seedlip-infused mocktail or a refreshing soft drink, La Farmacia invites you to savour every moment. In a world where choice is king, their non-alcoholic options stand out as a testament to the belief that exceptional experiences should be accessible to all. Cheers to a journey of flavours, where every sip is a celebration at La Farmacia!

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