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Vegan and Vegetarian Mexican Street Food

When it comes to Mexican Street Food in Sydney, La Farmacia is renowned for its authenticity. But did you know that this vibrant taqueria doesn't just cater to meat lovers? La Farmacia has an extensive selection of vegetarian options that will leave you craving more. From Birria-style shredded mushroom tacos to vegan chicken alternatives, they've got you covered. Here’s how La Farmacia ensures that vegetarians can revel in the magic of Mexican street food without compromise.

For vegetarians and vegans, finding flavourful alternatives, especially Mexican, can sometimes be a challenge. However, at La Farmacia, the culinary team has crafted Birria-style shredded mushroom tacos that are naturally vegan AND gluten-free. These epic tacos are served on soft, traditional corn tortillas, ensuring an authentic taste that transports you straight to the streets of Guadalajara. The earthy notes of the shredded mushrooms, combined with the rich, aromatic Birria-style spices, make these tacos a must-try for plant-based enthusiasts.

If you're a fan of classic chicken tacos but prefer a plant-based option, La Farmacia has you covered. Their menu can accommodate requests for soy-based vegan chicken tacos, offering the familiar taste and texture of chicken without any animal products. These delicious alternatives are perfect for vegetarians and vegans who crave the familiar comfort of chicken tacos.

La Farmacia's commitment to vegetarian options doesn't stop at tacos. When it comes to sides and starters, almost all of them are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Come and check out their Guacamole and Chips, Elote and Flautas for a good time!

La Farmacia is all about ensuring that everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, and those on a gluten free diet, can enjoy the full experience. If you opt for the set menu or partake in their epic Bottomless Brunch package, you'll be pleased to know that it can be made vegan upon request. On the day of your visit, just inform your server of your dietary preference, and the accommodating team at La Farmacia will work their magic. This flexibility means that you can invite all your friends to birthday parties, casual brunches, or Taco Tuesday, without worrying about dietary requirements. La Farmacia has created a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can indulge in the vibrant world of Mexican street food.

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